Here at, we have the blessing, and the privilege to support you in the ministry with a host of resources including sermon outlines, sermon illustrations, book reviews, and beneficial articles. Another great feature is that we get to highlight some of our sister sites that are working hard to resource the local church in a variety of ways.

Today I want to highlight a site specifically designed to come alongside women and equip them to minister and spread the Gospel. Women’s Ministry Tools is rapidly growing featuring new contributors, new content, and new articles on a regular basis.

Contributing Authors

The site has 20 authors who are passionate for Jesus and helping women to see His glory. A few of the featured authors include:

Stasi Eldredge

Courtnaye Richard








Christy Fay

Christina Patterson


Bible Study Topics

The Bible Study Topics include over 45 different topics to help encourage and inspire ministry leaders as they consider what to teach and share with their group. Some of these topics include Peace, Purpose, The Heart, Lies Women Believe, Living Victoriously, and more.


The blog is an essential component of this site. It is a place to visit on a regular basis to find articles that focus our eyes and our hearts on Christ, and bring us back to the Scriptures. In one of the blog entries, the Manager of Women’s Ministry Tools, Samantha Villenave, writes on the importance of community and relationships. Here is a brief excerpt from her blog entry:

Jesus’ life on earth was a living example of the Father’s desire that we would walk in close community and loving, respectful relationships with one another. The four gospels depict a wandering troupe that left all for the cause of the Christ, but remained close to one another. The disciples lived on the road, and often depending on the kindness of others who followed Jesus to take them in and receive them. Such was the ministry model of the early church after Jesus’ resurrection as well! Peter, Paul and the other apostles were very close to the early church, and the image that we have of the early church was one of communal living and sharing, bearing one another’s burdens and meeting the needs of others before one’s self.

Let me encourage you to check out the site and all that it has to offer. Be sure to pass this article along to anyone who you think may benefit from its great number of resources!


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