In a recent article for, Brad Lomenick says, “We all must learn and recognize the need to empower those around us to succeed and do what they do well. Most leaders think they can do it all on their own, and many try, but ultimately in order to grow a successful organization that outlives you, as the leader, you have to empower those around you.”

Here are four of the seven ideas he offers for empowering your team:
1. Give them the opportunity to make decisions, and don’t second guess them.
A lot of us as leaders are willing to allow our team members to make decisions, but want to step in as soon as we see something done differently than we would do. Don’t make that mistake. It is totally demoralizing to your team. I know from experience!

2. Assign them responsibility by them owning key projects from START to FINISH.
So once we allow team members to make key decisions, now we have to allow them to own projects and feel the responsibility of completion.

3. Fight for them.
Whether it’s standing up for them to your boss or standing beside them and supporting them in a disagreement with a vendor, always take the stance of fighting for them and being willing to go to battle for them.

4. Encourage them.
This is the one we so often forget. I know I do. I tend to keep pushing without stopping to say thanks, but encouragement can go the furthest in creating team chemistry, longevity and commitment. Reward them with small gifts, extra unexpected bonuses, cards, etc.” (Click here to read the full article.)

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