Does your church waste God’s resources? What do we mean by that?

We are sure you have stuff hanging around your church, stuffed in closet, stacked in cabinets, put in storage, etc. Our question is, are you ever going to use that old stuff again? If your church is like most churches, the answer is no. You will buy new supplies, equipment, stuff. The old stuff just gets packed away.

Why not give that stuff away? There are numerous churches throughout the United States that are struggling to move ministry forward because they lack the simple resources necessary. Your old stuff can make a difference.

A website called (pronounced divvy) recently launched that seeks to maximize ministry at minimal cost. In an effort to impact ministry, seeks to connect church to church with the idea to re-purposing resources. challenges you to look around your church building. Ask yourself if there is anything that can be used by another church for God’s glory. If the answer is yes, then post it on the site. has 1 Rule: Everything posted must be for given away for free. The person listing an item will be connected with the person needing the item to determine how much is will cost to ship the item. That’s it.

Together we can help each other.—moving ministry forward.

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