A Free Tool for Your Blog or Website

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved ESV CrossReference Tool—a free resource created to make it easy to feature the text of the ESV Bible on your blog, personal website, or church website.

Designed for easy installation on virtually any blog or website, the ESV CrossReference Tool scans each page for all Bible references, automatically turning each reference into a hoverable link. When visitors to your blog or website move their cursors over the reference, a pop-up box will appear displaying the full ESV Bible text to which the reference refers.

What’s more, the ESV CrossReference Tool is intelligent enough to identify multiple variations of Bible references, including:

In addition to making it easy for readers to read the full text of every passage mentioned on the page, this pop-up box also features quick sharing buttons as well as the ability to listen to an audio version of the passage—all without leaving your blog or website.

The best part: installation is quick and easy. All that is required is copy/pasting a small amount of code into your blog or website template.

Learn more about the new ESV CrossReference Tool and install it on your blog or website today!


This article originally appeared on crossway.org.

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