Many pastors and church leaders experience abuse at the hands of others. This recent devotional thought from Rick Warren may be a source of encouragement if you are living there right now:

“Nothing crushes the spirit more than abuse—to feel devalued, unimportant and misused. Jesus knows that, and He says, ‘I will care for you.’

“The starting point in your healing is to get to know your Healer. You need to say, ‘Jesus Christ, I don’t know how You did this, but You took the guilt for every sin in the world—the ones done to me and the ones done by me. You took that abuse on Yourself. I want to learn to love You, and I want You to come in and heal my heart and my mind and my body.’

“And He will. He will!

“When Jesus was abused, did He retaliate? Absolutely not! The Bible says, ‘Christ never verbally abused those who verbally abused Him. When He suffered, He didn’t make any threats but left everything to the One who judges fairly’ (1 Pet. 2:23).

“One day, God is going to balance the books. One day God is going to settle the score. One day God is going to right all the wrongs. You think Hitler is going to get away with it? You think the abusers won’t have to answer for the abuse? You think all the evil that’s happened in the world will go unpunished?

“No. One day God is going to settle the score. It is His alone to settle. God is a truly just God. He can do a whole lot better job at settling the score than you can. He wants you to leave it in His hands, because He’s God, and you’re not.” (from Daily Hope with Rick Warren)

Michael Duduit

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