ARLINGTON, Texas — For churches, attracting and retaining people has always been more of an art , rather than a science; but these days churches are using the power of the internet to provide them with feedback about their ministerial services; thanks to an Arlington, Texas based company called

Since its launch date in July 2007, the company has been helping churches create feedback surveys online – letting them deploy the surveys through the church’s website or their in-house email deployment system.

“This application was designed specifically for churches” said Dwight Smith, president and creator of “The idea was to give them an easy-to-use application that would help them better understand people, their needs, and their desires from the churches they attend”

Market research and member satisfaction is not something new to churches and religious organizations. Satisfaction surveys are often used to measure the psychographics of people who are not currently attending a church, in an effort to learn what potential congregants look for (and expect) from local churches. Surveys are also used by church ministry leaders in an effort to better understand what member’s desire, and how services and activities can be adapted to meet their needs.

Using, the survey process is streamlined by utilizing pre-built template surveys specifically designed for churches. Survey tabulation is also automated through the system, minimizing the need for [human] data-entry, and the possibility of errors.

Through’s website, churches are able to create as many types of surveys as they’d like – from visitor satisfaction surveys to assessing the spiritual growth of members. This information will help ministry leaders make more informed decisions when it comes to designing new activities and allocating church resources.

“Information like this is essential to church leaders” said Smith “Old paradigms about church and religion have shifted; and this next generation is used to giving their opinions and having organization’s actually listen”

As the Information Age continues to redefine how businesses deal with customer feedback and information, churches too face the same types of challenges. But now, with, at least they have help figuring out what will drive people to (and keep them in) those pews.

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