Can a blog be a strategic tool in casting a vision for your church? Yes, according to Brian Bailey in his book the blogging church (John Wiley & Sons). Bailey writes: “The vision of your church is too critical to be left to a quiet weekend in the summer and a dusty CD case at the resource table. The vision should be part of all that you do as a church and shared regularly, whether online or from the stage.

“The ultimate way to share the purpose of your church is through casting the vision – again and again. One great way to do this is through blogging. A blog allows you to constantly remind people why the church does what it does. What is the purpose behind it all? Why is volunteering important? What does outreach mean? Why do we do communion? What are the priorities of the church?

If you are the senior pastor, or if the senior pastor is blogging, you have a truly unique opportunity. There is incredible power in a pastor’s authentic, personal voice. Through a blog, your church can become so familiar with this voice that you’ll hear them echoing your phrases and defending the church with the same passion and reasoning. With this power comes the responsibility to effectively communicate the God-given vision for your church.”

(Click here to learn more about the book the blogging church)

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