Pastors are increasingly encouraged to use social media, and it certainly can be a positive extension of your ministry. However, as with preaching, you have to be cautious about saying the first thing that comes into your head, at least I hope you are cautious about that when preaching!

Whether you are writing a blog, crafting Facebook posts, jotting those 140 character tweets for Twitter or sending emails, these questions from Kevin DeYoung are good to ask yourself before hitting Send:
• Is this idea, question or rant only half-baked?
• Have I considered that anyone anywhere at any time could see this?
• Do I really know what I’m talking about?
• What if I run into this person later today?
• Will I feel good about this post later?
• Have I sought the counsel of others?
• Do I have this person’s phone number?
• What is my motivation?
• Have I tried to love my neighbor as I love myself?
• Have I lost all sense of proportion?

Click here to read Kevin’s discussion of each of these useful questions.

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