Brian Kluth reminds us that when we are trying to raise funds for a major project, one strategy to avoid is simply dividing the total goal by the number of prospects and asking each to give equally.

“A ministry that wanted to raise $9,000,000 sent a letter to the 3,000 households on their mailing list asking everyone to send in $3,000 during the next three years. Some of the wealthy quickly sent their money and decided they had done everything they needed to do to help with the project. For many of the people, giving $3,000 was an impossible task.

“In the Scriptures, God teaches that people are to give according to how God has blessed them. In many major building projects, 10 to 20 percent of the givers will provide 80 to 90 percent of the funds. If you do not recognize this truth, you will have a recipe for disaster and humiliation in trying to meet your funding goals.” (A variety of fund-raising articles and resources are available at Brian’s website.)

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