In a recent post at his blog, The Exchange, Ed Stetzer writes:
How do you know if you are a church planter? I want to consider six things that are indicators you may be called to plant churches.

Pattern of Ministry Initiation
If the first thing you want to start is a church, that’s not a good idea. That’s not a good way to test if you are, indeed, a starter. Rather, there should be a pattern of ministry initiation, which may include starting Bible studies, compassion-based ministries, etc. Is there a consistent flow of launch in your ministry life? Starting other ministries can help you figure out if God wants you to plant a church.

Launching things is difficult but a great learning process. There is a biblical principle that says those who are faithful with a little will be given more to steward. If you have never started a ministry, it is highly unlikely that God would ask you to plant a church.

Pattern of Ministry Multiplication
Are you able to train others in an area of ministry and then let them go to lead that area? Or are you more likely to just do it yourself—so it can be done right? If how something is done is always more important to you than who is doing it, church planting will be a very difficult ministry path for you.

If you have a pattern of connecting people to ministry roles and then releasing them to grow into those roles, then you have a key characteristic that is essential in church planting.

Personal Wiring
Ask yourself, “Am I wired to be a church planter?” There are characteristics church planters possess that are unique, and all pastors don’t have these traits. God has built church planters a little differently.

Now, this wiring can drive some people crazy, even in your church, because there is ingrained in you this constant desire or drive to start new things. Not only do you seem ADD, but you are also simultaneously calm with it. It is the beauty and the beast. If God wants you to plant churches, He has wired you to function in accordance with your focus.

Holy Dissatisfaction
I really want to be careful with this one. A person in ministry can feel dissatisfied for various reasons. Perhaps it is Monday morning, and no one is shaking your hand telling you how much they enjoyed the message. That can leave you flat and dissatisfied. It could be that you are just a dissatisfied person in general.

The fact that you’re angst ridden and don’t like the church you’re in is not necessarily a sign that God has called you to plant a church. So I want to be very careful to say that we are looking for a holy dissatisfaction, not a generic dissatisfaction. (Click here to read the full post.)

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