These people must really, really love those chicken sandwiches.

People from across the country are camping outside a new Chick-fil-A location in anticipation of the grand opening, when the first 100 customers will qualify for a year of free meals. That’s 52 sandwiches, 52 waffle fries and 52 beverages—once each week–during the next year, all free. The retail value is $250.

According to an April 3, 2014, UPI story, there are people who travel from one new location to the next hoping to qualify for the free food. One Florida 17-year-old was interviewed while in line—her 17th such opening—and said, “It’s just something fun to do, but my family thinks I’m crazy, too.”

A college student in line explained: “It’s worth coming out here and doing homework instead of sitting at our desks and win some free chicken for a year; there’s nothing better than that.”

For that kind of loyalty, they should throw in a milkshake, too.

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