Someone appears to have misunderstood the Christmas spirit.

When a man dressed in a Santa Claus costume entered a post office in Australia, the employees thought he was coming to give them candy. Instead, he was robbing them.

According to a Nov. 16, 2014, UPI story, “video of the incident shows the man, clad in a fake bushy white beard, wig, sunglasses and red suit, approaching the counter of the Snell Grove post office with a sack, demanding cash.

At one point, the suspect sits on the counter and frantically snatches as much money as possible. Police say the man carried no weapons and that no one was harmed in the incident, though two female postal workers on shift were horrified.

“They initially thought that he was going to give them some lollies,” Det. Bryan Strangman told 9 News Australia, “and they got quite shaken when they realized it was a robbery.”

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