I’m not sure this is exactly what most people would think of when the term bucket list is used.

A Chicago couple has a pet hamster that’s has been diagnosed with a very large tumor. So they decided to create a bucket list of adventures for their hamster to enjoy before he dies, according to a March 30, 2016, UPI story.

"Deciding to do a bucket list was easy," said Arden and Riley Kirby. "He already goes everywhere with us, so why not bring him to some of our favorite places around Chicago?"

According to the article, “The couple created a list of 16 things for Robin to do before he dies. They've already checked 10 items off that list, including taking a selfie outside the Art Institute, eating deep-dish pizza and being Thor for a day. While the couple said some might not consider an animal as small as Robin a real pet, they stressed how special the hamster is to them and noted how much he seems to be enjoying his series of adventures.

"I think he's enjoying his time. He's not the kind of hamster that's scared of very much," Arden said.

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