Some things just go together, such as love and marriage…and bacon.

At least that seems to be the case for two couples who decided to wed at last weekend’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival at the Iowa state fairgrounds.

According to a Feb. 2, 2014, AP story, one couple thought the bacon festival was “the perfect location to exchange vows because they enjoy bacon together every weekend.”

The 47-year-old groom proclaimed his 41-year-old bride is almost the No. 1 love in his life. “She’s second only to bacon,” he said.

According to the AP report, “The chapel where the couple married had a wall full of windows that looked out over an arena full of vendors selling bacon-filled foods. They exchanged vows about staying together “in good times and bacon,” but for the most part they kept their ceremony traditional. Afterward, a cake topped with a bacon-strip bride and groom awaited the couple and their guests.”

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