It just goes to show things are not always as they appear.

A Bakersfield, Calif., weather forecaster’s morning broadcast was interrupted when he was attacked by a giant bird.

OK, it was actually just a regular bird that flew up to a camera so it appeared much larger to viewers.

According to a March 16, 2016, UPI story, “A clip from the broadcast shows Aaron Perlman, the morning weather forecaster for KBFX-TV in Bakersfield, beginning his morning forecast Monday with a shot of the mostly clear skies on the station's sky camera.Perlman barely finishes uttering the word clear when a bird flies in close to the sky camera, making it appear as if he is under attack from a giant avian.

"A bird! I've been attacked!" Perlman says while jokingly falling to the ground. Perlman and others in the studio can be heard laughing at the brief encounter.

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