A Cracker Barrel waitress in Branson, Mo., got an early Christmas present when a pair of regular customers gave her an unusual tip: a car.

According to a Dec. 10, 2014, UPI story, Cindi Grady said her “car was in rough shape after five collisions with deer, and the vehicle caught the attention of regular customer Gary Tackett and his wife.

“Tackett said he and his wife asked around at the restaurant to find out who owned the car they had spotted in the parking lot on multiple occasions, and they decided to take action when they discovered the vehicle belonged to a server.”

The couple surprised Grady with the gift of a used car in much better condition than her old one. They gave her a 2008 Ford Fusion worth about $2,500.

I’m guessing the Tacketts will be getting really good service in the future.

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