Talk about being the teacher's favorite!

Diane and Karen hit it off years ago as teacher and student; 31 years later, they discovered they were actually biological sisters.

According to a March 4, 2016, UPI story, “Diane DiProspero Cook and Karen Cometa-Zempel first met at Bryant and Stratton College in 1985, before learning they were long-lost sisters 31 years later. The women became aware of each other after contacting their adoption agencies seeking information about their medical histories.

“'‘The more we talk, the more we find we have in common,’ said Cometa-Zempel.

"Both women were placed for adoption by the same mother and were raised by Italian-American families 20 miles away from each other in upstate New York. They both attended Roman Catholic schools in their youth. Aside from their similar upbringing, both women are left handed and share the same bubbly personality.”

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