Apparently duck attacks are no laughing matter.

At least that’s what one Washington woman believes. While visiting her mother in Oregon, a neighbor’s pet duck ambushed her, and now she is suing for $275,000 for pain, suffering and other damages.

According to an Apr. 22. 2014, Reuters story, the women attempted to run from the aggressive waterfowl and fell down, breaking her wrist and spraining and elbow and shoulder. The lawsuit accuses the bird’s owner of “failing to maintain control of her pet or to warn or otherwise inform neighbors of her duck’s dangerous propensity in attacking individuals.”

The plaintiff’s attorney believes the damages eventually will be paid by insurance, but filed the lawsuit as a precaution. He does, however, regret drawing attention to the situation.

“I’ve learned a lesson,” he said. “In any future lawsuit, I’ll talk about my client being attacked by a domestic animal. Not by a duck.”

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