A Seattle policeman made an amazing shot—right into the barrel of the revolver being aimed at him.

According to a story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, an 18-year-old man—reportedly recently released from a substance abuse center—already had been involved in at least two fights when police confronted him at a bus stop and the man pulled a gun. When they ordered him to drop the weapon, he pointed it at police and they fired. The man died at the scene.

Upon further investigation, one of the police bullets (fired from a Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun) was found jammed into the cylinder of the gunman’s revolver.

“Physically, it is impossible to conclude anything other than the fact the suspect was pointing directly at the officers,” Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer told reporters, adding, “I’ve not seen anything quite like that in my 24 years.”

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