There’s nothing worse than a cow gone bad.

At least that was the impression for Idaho Falls police as they tried to apprehend a fugitive 1,000-pound Black Angus, according to an Associated Press report.

Two bovine break-out artists nudged a barn door to make their escape. One returned to the barn on its own the next morning, but the second cow continued on its mad-cap crime spree for hours. When a police officer tried to herd the cow by driving beside it, the fugitive animal rammed his Ford Explorer.

The eventual capture involved two police officers, an animal control officer, and the farm couple from the original scene of the crime. “Bessy” (not the assailant’s real name) eventually was returned to the farm, undoubtedly to enter a period of extended probation.

“I don’t know what got into it,” said Shelley Turnbow, who with her husband owns the foiled escapee. “We’ve been raising cows for 20 years and never had something like this happen before.”

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