Could it be the romance has cooled a bit?

That may be the case for a young man in Bolton, England, who pretended to have been kidnapped so he could stay out and party without his girlfriend.

According to an Aug. 26, 2014, UPI story, “The unnamed man told his girlfriend he was being held in a house in Bolton, England, until he repaid £50 to the fabricated captor. The man’s understandably panicked girlfriend called the police to report the fictional crime, launching a very costly manhunt that led to an unnecessary arrest.

“Considerable resources and time then went into finding this man, who it transpires made up the entire thing so he could stay out and party,” Detective Inspector Jo Clawson said. “This is without doubt one of the most foolish and irresponsible incidents I have been involved in.”

More than a dozen police participated in a neighborhood search, knocking on doors and combing through CCTV footage. The UPI report indicates, “The missing man eventually was discovered at a party around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. Rather than arrest him, the man was fined on the spot and forever will have a criminal record for trying to have night without his girlfriend.”

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