Adrian Rogers was my own pastor for several years when I was a young person, so I particularly enjoyed James Davis’ recent article on things he learned about preaching from Pastor Rogers. Here’s one excerpt:

“Dr. Rogers’ study was where he met with God and crafted more than 3,000 sermons from every Bible book. In his study were three separate desks he used in his process of preparation. One desk was for preparing Sunday mornings. The second desk was for Sunday evenings. The last desk was for Wednesday evenings and various sermon series.

Dr. Rogers’ powerful progress was not because he had three separate desks, but because he had personalized a process that directed his progress. I can almost envision some pastors contemplating having multiple desks for their future studying of sermonic messages and still miss the real point. It is not the number of desks that makes the difference, but the reality that when a preacher has a process of study, time is redeemed and his sermon quality continues to rise through the years.

“What made Adrian Rogers the preacher he became in time was that he knew where he was going and had a process to get him there. Whatever looks simple on the outside, the preacher paid a price on the inside.” (Click here to read the full article.)

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