It’s the beginning of a new year, that season when diet books sell like hotcakes (though requiring we avoid the hotcakes), gyms sell most of their memberships, and resolutions are made with great confidence, though soon they begin to fall like leaves in an autumn thunderstorm.

As church leaders, we also face the promise and challenge of a new year. May I suggest we affirm some resolutions of our own? How about these:
• I resolve to spend more time in God’s Word than mindlessly browsing the Internet.
• I resolve to begin planning ahead on my preaching schedule so my fellow laborers on the worship team can have time to do their jobs more effectively.
• I resolve to seek out books, conferences and other resources that will help me strengthen the gifts God has given me.
• I resolve to select at least two other strong biblical preachers and listen to them weekly as a way to grow my own preaching and to have a time of worship and inspiration.

I’m sure you can think of some more and better resolutions on your own. Still, I suspect that if we all would take those four and make a serious effort to integrate them into our own lives and ministries, 2015 would be a year of amazing growth in our ministries.

May you have a blessed 2015!

Michael Duduit

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