Father’s Day is almost here. Are you ready? Do you have your sermon idea picked out and ready to go? How about some media to go along with your message? It could really help accentuate the main points you are trying to hit.

If you need encouragement for a direction for your sermon outline, or ideas for what to use as a background for worship songs or sermon notes, we have some inspiration for you. I’m including a few sermon ideas from our sister site, SermonSearch.com, that will hopefully encourage you as you craft your own message. I’m also providing sermon slides and video illustrations from our Preaching Media Store that you are going to love!


How to Be a Fabulous Father by Jim Perdue
This is a great sermon to guide your prep work as it focuses in on a foundational statement we find in many homes today, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

How to Be an Influential Father by Ernest Easley
With Noah as his backdrop, Ernest Easley shares with us a time that he was in desperate need of a godly father to rise up and lead.

Do You Know Who Your Father Is? by James Merritt
This is a tremendous sermon that digs into the doctrine of adoption. There is something so powerful and life-transforming about this doctrine and topic of adoption, especially when it’s preached around Father’s Day. This is a excellent choice to consider as you seek a topic to preach on Father’s Day.


Happy Father’s Day by Hyper Pixels Media

Time with Dad Welcome by Playback Media

Wooden Sky Father’s Day by Centerline New Media


Father’s Day: Answering the Call by Gateway Church Media

Build a Dad by Freebridge Media

Dad Joke Support Group by Igniter Media

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