In an article at Chuck Lawless’ website, Pastor Brandon Connor offers seven issues to consider in leading change in your church. Here are four of them:

“Leading people through change is an inevitable part of leadership. In order to lead effectively, however, leaders must see change as a process more than a decision or a vote. Below are seven things to consider when leading through change.

Determine if change is really needed. Before implementing change, remember that change is never free and is rarely cheap. There is no need to pay the price for change unless the change is necessary. Be sure.

Determine and explain what kind of change is needed. John Maxwell has identified two types of change: evolutionary change and revolutionary change. Revolutionary change is radical and often painful. If this type of change is required, be prepared to explain what kind of change is coming and why it’s needed.

Discuss prospective changes with key leaders. Be willing to propose change across the table rather than communicating only from the platform. Talk it out with other leaders.

Communicate the proposal for change, with the appropriate sense of urgency. In order for people to accept change, they need to believe it will help them capitalize on an opportunity or avoid pain caused by not changing. Leaders who leverage both opportunity and potential pain can help their organizations more readily accept the need for change.” [Read the other three steps here.]

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