Ed Stetzer recently shared an article that included 20 truths about high-definition Leadership, based on Derwin Gray’s new book The High-Definition Leader. Here are the first five in that list:

“1. A high-definition leader is a leader who is so passionate about the glory of God being revealed through the local church that he or she is willing to learn how to be a cross-cultural, gospel-of-grace preaching, organizational-strategizing, leader-developing disciple of people who partners with the Lord Jesus in building local churches that reflect the future of the church in the present.

2. High-definition leaders cast a vision that unifies and moves their congregation toward becoming missional, multiethnic local churches.

3. God is calling local churches in America and the world to be communities of unifiers and reconcilers, not dividers. Just as the church in Jerusalem only wanted to reach fellow Jews, the church in America is guilty of having ministry models that create homogenous local churches.

4. High-definition leaders realize that the ethnic unity of God’s church is a sign to the world that His kingdom has broken through the darkness, establishing peace between enemies.

5. High-definition leaders realize that when ethnically diverse people accept one another in a local church context, they bring praise to God.” [Read the other 15 truths HERE.]

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