The November-December 2015 issue of Preaching includes an interview with Brian Houston of Hillsong Church. In a recent article at his blog, Brian writes: “I’ve learned some valuable lessons during 30 years of preaching and teaching in public—many through my own error. Culture, atmosphere and DNA in a church is not accidental. Just like culture, atmosphere and DNA of your home is not accidental. You have to be deliberate about it—especially from the platform. Leadership in this area is about making intentional and focused choices, and taking a degree of measured risk.

“So wherever you have the chance to input into others, take a look at these guidelines to building a strong platform teaching culture in your church or home group. Many of them can also be applied to your family life or work life. There are 30 points, one for each year of experience!” Among Brian’s 30 points:

Every message…
IS POSITIVE. Don’t preach to an individual—using the platform to get a personal message across to an individual is cowardly and blesses no one.

IS IN LINE WITH OUR BELIEF. Don’t contradict basic fundamentals and doctrine. Make sure you know what they are before you take the platform.

MUST BE PROVEN IN THE BIBLE. If you can’t prove it, don’t say it. The platform is not for your opinions; it is God’s Word that matters. Every Scripture reference must be in context and within the tenure of Scripture—credibility and respect.

MANY HOURS OF MEDITATION, PREPARATION & FAMILIARISATION. All three are important. 1) Think things through. 2) Get the structure as polished as you can—it must impact. 3) Be familiar with your message so you get it across clearly and effectively.

NOT STRAYING INTO THINGS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. Stay within your boundaries. Keep learning, but don’t preach outside your understanding. Stick to what you know, but also continue to grow in what you know and in your knowledge of the Word. First Timothy 3 in The Message says of the leader, ‘He must know what he is talking about.’ Preparation is a discipline.” (Read the rest of the 30 points.)

So what are you doing to build a strong, biblical teaching culture in your church?

Michael Duduit
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