In a recent article, consultant George Bullard shares four important truths about your vision for your church:

“First, it is not as important that you have a well-crafted, written statement of vision as it is that you are captivated by God’s vision for your congregation. Empowering actions that create forward ministry progress are more important than an exceptional statement of vision. Words will come when it is time.

“Second, while being captivated by God’s vision for your congregation is the most important element of the forward movement of your congregation, it is not the first thing you need to focus on when seeking to make forward ministry progress. It may be the second, third or fourth. It depends.

“Third, if you do not engage in actions that result in forward ministry progress, even the most articulate statement of vision will be worthless. It is not what you say you feel led to do, it is what you do that makes the difference. Talk is still cheap. Actions still speak louder than words.

“Fourth, people who are gifted in crafting an inspiring vision statement may not be good at taking the actions they imply. People who are gifted in taking actions that fulfill God’s vision might not be able to write a coherent vision statement. Congregations need both types of spiritual gifts and skills, and need to celebrate both types of people.” (Read the full article.)

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