Last week I led a pastors’ conference for a Baptist association in South Carolina, and the topic was planning a preaching calendar. I discussed with the pastors how they can plan a year’s preaching calendar and why they should. Here are three of the reasons I shared with them.

It saves you time. Sometimes we think planning will take more time, but an hour invested in planning today likely will save you a dozen hours during the next few weeks. It will make you more efficient in your sermon preparation and give you a jump start for every week of sermon prep.

It will make you more creative. Few of us are at our creative best on deadline. By giving yourself time to think about a text or theme in advance, your creative juices have time to flow!

Your worship team will love you! No preacher is an island, and the team that helps you with music, media and the rest will be able to do their work more effectively when they have an advance look at where you are going with sermons.

For additional ideas and tools, take a look at Stephen Rummage’s book Planning Your Preaching (Kregel).

Michael Duduit
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