More and more ministers are discovering the world of computing. With more than 200,000 churches in the U.S., the market for church-related computer software offers promise for continuing growth for many years.
Although most church-related applications seem to focus on the administrative side of ministry — recordkeeping, business systems, labels and the like — it would be a mistake to overlook the growing number of preachers who are looking for ways to use computers in pulpit-related functions.
This second annual review highlights a number of software packages which may aid preachers in their work of study and sermon preparation. Since material is provided by the manufacturers themselves (we provide the listings free of charge), we can’t guarantee the quality or capabilities of any software listed. Contact information is provided so that you can contact manufacturers or distributors directly for more information.
Happy interfacing!
Program: Genesis Software Minister’s Module
Hardware Required: IBM PC/XT or true compatible. Hard disk highly recommended.
Cost: $395.00
Description: The Minister’s Module is an integrated group of six programs designed to help ministers manage their finances, schedules, libraries, lesson preparations and visitation records. The programs included are: Sermon Filer; Resource Library; Daily Activities Planning/-Tracking; Ceremony and Service Records; Personal Expenses; Visitation and Counseling.
Contact: Dewberry Software, Box 2311, Birmingham, AL 35201. (205) 991-2620.
Hardware Required: IBM-compatible or Apple Macintosh.
Cost: $59.95
Description: LEXEGETE is an electronic commentary on the Bible, including theological documents and tools for serious exegesis. It is based on lectionary texts from the 3-year Lectionary. The Gospel of Matthew (Year A) is now available, with Luke (Year C) available in November 1988, and Mark (Year B) to come in 1989. Includes context of passage, Greek word analysis, inclusive language key words, strategy for preaching, references, hymn and worship suggestions, and ideas for further reading.
Contact: Tischrede Software, Box 9594, North Dartmouth, MA 02747. (617) 994-7907.
Program: Squarenote Version 2.01
Hardware Required: IBM-PC or compatible with 256K and DOS 2.xx, or 320K and DOS 3.xx. Cost: $99.00 (in U.S.). 30-day money-back guarantee.
Description: Use SQUARENOTE to build your library of sermon illustrations, Bible study notes, and pastoral call records — each filed by dozens of keywords of your choice. Enter free-form text with SQUARENOTE’s full-screen editor, retrieve quickly by keywords, singly or in combination. Browse, sort, search, print. Transfer text to and from word processor.
Contact: Union Squareware, Box 228, Somerville, MA 02143. (617) 623-3023.
Program: MacConcord I
Hardware Required: Apple Macintosh 128K, 512K or MacPlus with MacWrite (versions 2.2 or 4.5) or Microsoft Word/Works.
Cost: $42.95, plus $3.00 shipping (add 6% tax in FL). A demo disk available for $10 (applies to purchase).
Description: MacConcord I is a two-disk concordance of the New Testament, containing more than 10,000 references from the King James Version.
Contact: Media Software, Box 521917, Longwood, FL 32752-1917. (407) 260-1676. Credit Card Orders: 1-800-THE–MENU.
Now if someone will just develop a software program that writes our sermons, plans the service and improves the offering!

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