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Sermons on Jesus Christ

Below you’ll find a library of Jesus Christ sermons. All of the sermons on represent some of the best preaching in the world today. We pray you’ll find these to be a helpful resource in your own preaching and teaching.
  • Steve Gaines
    (December 2010)
    Is religion relevant? Many people apparently do not think so. They don’t believe religion is necessary because they are convinced that all anyone really needs in life can be obtained through science and technology. For them, any attention given to spiritual matters is a waste of time.
  • Marvin A. McMickle
    (January 2010)
    According to the Gospel of Matthew, Palm Sunday was the first time Jesus ever appeared in the great, bustling city of Jerusalem. Jesus knew that His ministry would not be complete and His mission would not be successful unless and until He took His gospel message from the small towns of Galilee in the northern part of Israel and declared it in the great Temple in Jerusalem.
  • Christian George
    (September 2008)
    It is often far better to be held by God than to be healed by Him.
  • Bill Bouknight
    (September 2008)
    Many Americans consider the worst sin to be intolerance.
  • Robert Smith Jr.
    (July 2008)
    How do you talk about Jesus and hell in the same sentence?
  • Michael Milton
    (July 2008)
    The further our nation gets from the absolute truth of God, the more we will look like Rishikesh, India.
  • Marvin A. McMickle
    (July 2008)
    The most important decision a person can make is to be certain he has a good life assurance policy.
  • Marvin A. McMickle
    (July 2006)
    Philippians 4:1-13 Recently in The New York Times there appeared an article that was both funny and fascinating at the same time. The headline for the story read, With Lenin’s Ideas Dead, What to Do With His Body? The story centered on what to do with the body, the physical remains of Vla
  • Robert E. Coleman
    (March 2006)
    Matthew 7:13-14 Someone put up a sign along one of the muddy roads in rural Iowa during the rainy season. It read: "Choose your ruts carefully; you'll be in them for the next ten miles." That sign may invoke a smile, but actually it offers sound advice. When roads are slippery, it's for your
  • Marvin A. McMickle
    (April 2005)
    Matthew 4: 1-11 The challenge of taking tests starts rather early in...
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