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Sermons on Hope

Below you’ll find a library of Hope sermons. All of the sermons on represent some of the best preaching in the world today. We pray you’ll find these to be a helpful resource in your own preaching and teaching.
  • Daniel T. Hans
    (February 2008)
    (Note: This message was originally preached as part of an annual county-wide memorial service for families of traffic fatalities.)
  • Bill Bouknight
    (February 2007)
    Matthew 24:3-13, Revelation 21:1-7   I received an interesting Christmas card from a dear friend, a retired Air Force General. On the front was a white dove with an olive branch in its beak, hovering above the world. Inside the card were these words: “Peace on earth.” Beside t
  • Gary Robinson
    (June 2006)
    Let’s face it; reality is more steel than Superman will ever be made of.
  • John Duncan
    (July 2005)
    John 1:5 I sat in a cushioned chair beside my wife’s hospital bed reading C. S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain on the morning of August 15, 2002. Honestly, the pain was mine but it was more for my wife’s as she lay with bandages, tubes, and a morphine pump to ease the agony of the nine-hour surgery she had...
  • Roger W. Thomas
    (July 2005)
    Heaven confuses many people. Some don't understand much about it. Others are convinced they know all they want to know and have decided they aren't interested. A lot of people think heaven sounds boring with a capital B! Huck Finn said that he thought heaven was...
  • Marvin A. McMickle
    (May 2005)
    Luke 24: 13-35 Have you ever found yourself living in the days following a great disappointment when something you had been hoping for and praying seemed just about ready to come true, and then suddenly it just seemed to...
  • John Davis
    (November 2004)
    Despair is real in our fallen world, but biblical hope, as this Christmas sermon reminds us, thrives in the midst of suffering, centers on the glory of God, and will never disappoint.
  • H. Mark Abbott
    (May 2004)
    1 Samuel 1
  • Jim Henry
    (October 2003)
    I'll Hold You Again in Heaven 2 Samuel 12:15-23 Of all deaths, that of a child is most unnatural and hardest to bear. We expect the old to die. While that kind of separation is always difficult, it comes as no surprise. But the death of a young child or a yout
  • O.S. Hawkins
    (May 2003)
    The Hope of Human History (Fifth in a Series) Daniel 2:34-35, 44-45 In the words of Daniel, the dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure. (Dan. 2:45) There is coming a day when this stone cut without human hands will smite the statue at its feet, at the time
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