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Sermons on God

Below you’ll find a library of God sermons. All of the sermons on represent some of the best preaching in the world today. We pray you’ll find these to be a helpful resource in your own preaching and teaching.
  • Bryan Carter
    (July 2014)
    It's long been known that humans want a god they can control, thereby usurping God's identity.
  • Calvin Miller
    (April 2010)
    I am touched by the love of God. When I see the suffering of so many in this tortured world of ours, I am prone to ask myself, “Where is there even an iota of justice?” But I rarely ask myself, “Where is God?” I know God is there and He is in love with His world. He has promised his presence and that is adequate for me, but He has declared His love in the most simplistic and proverbial way. God loves sparrows. And if sparrows, why not us? Sparrows in Jesus’ day were sold for a penny, yet not one...
  • Bill Hybels
    (April 2010)
    The oceans, forests, plains, rivers, lakes—all of that—it all belongs to God. You heard the old hymn earlier, "This Is My Father's World." In the early chapters of Genesis, God gives instructions as to how we're supposed to take care of this planet. There are really four key instructions that He delivered. He said He wanted us to subdue it, rule over it, work it and take care of it.
  • Charles Stanley
    (November 2009)
    Are you excited about your life? Or do you feel as if you are merely existing? Are you moving with confidence toward a desired goal? Or do you feel as if you are drifting along from day to day without any sense of purpose or direction?
  • Max Lucado
    (October 2008)
    God allows us to make our own choices. And no one delineates this more clearly than Jesus.
  • Kelvin Moore
    (October 2006)
    Exodus 34:6 The title of the lead article in USA Today on Tuesday, September 12, 2006 recorded: “View of God Can Reveal Your Values Politics.” Sociologists at Baylor University conducted the new national survey of 1,721 Americans, consisting of 77 questions, with almost 400 answer
  • Craig A. Smith
    (September 2006)
    Isaiah 40:1-11, 29-31 It is so tempting in a passage like Is 40:1-11 to read it immediately through the lens of the New Testament. But today I am going to try to avoid this temptation and look at it first and primarily in its original Old Testament context; as hard as that may be for a New Test
  • Kenneth O. Gangel
    (July 2006)
    I smile every time I think of the early Christians telling this story over and over again for the next 50 years, reminding themselves how naïve they were to forget that God is always in control.
  • Dan Strand
    (January 2006)
    Luke 8:22-26 In our text, the disciples find themselves in a terrible storm. Now many times storms catch us when we're not expecting them. This was probably true for the disciples, as this storm came even when Jesus was with them in the ship!But in this story, Jesus reveals Himself as the God wh
  • Chuck Sackett
    (September 2009)
    You would think that if you were doing the right things for God, things would turn out right.
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