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Sermons on Faith

Below you’ll find a library of Faith sermons. All of the sermons on represent some of the best preaching in the world today. We pray you’ll find these to be a helpful resource in your own preaching and teaching.
  • Michael Milton
    (July 2010)
    The blood of Jesus Christ won freedom. And it belongs to everyone, regardless of race or past sin, who calls on the name of the Lord.
  • Michael A. Milton
    (June 2010)
    This sermon on faith, which takes a look at the lesser-known names in the Hebrews 11 "Honor Roll" of faith, aims to move, strengthen, and encourage us through stories of faithful people who were just like us.
  • Ralph Douglas West
    (November 2009)
    In Isaiah 7, the only thing standing between Judah and its aggressors was the Word of God and a little baby. This sermon on faith draws a parallel with our lives. In the face of everything that threatens us, the only things we really have to trust in are God's Word and the baby he has given.
  • Gary D. Robinson
    (May 2009)
    Faith is a challenge. God never asks for that which means little to us. Invariably, it’s something we’ve worked hard for or waited a long time for; something—or someone—we’re thoroughly invested in. Not only that, it’s something God Himself has given us. According to this sermon on faith, it is only when we understand that God, the Giver, can be thoroughly trusted, that we are freed to give back to him.
  • Bill Bouknight
    (January 2009)
    It's not fair! This sermon on faith looks at the problem of why life seems so unfair and encourages us to cope with the reality of our sin-marred world by: trusting God's goodness, staying close to him, and asking him to bring good out of our pain.
  • Wayne Brouwer
    (October 2008)
    The people on the hillside were hungry for bread, but maybe, like us, they were even more hungry for something deeper. This sermon on faith addresses our search for meaning beyond the drudgery and repetition of our daily activities. It is the spiritual need each person has to know that he or she is not alone in this gigantic and sometimes unkind maze of life.
  • Matthew Blake Judkins
    (February 2008)
    This sermon looks at the "great faith" of the Canaanite woman whose daughter Jesus healed. Hers was a faith didn't quit with asking, a faith that wasn't ashamed to seek diligently after Jesus, a faith that wasn't afraid to keep knocking even in the face of no response.
  • Matthew Blake Judkins
    (January 2008)
    Have you ever known someone with whom you didn’t get along well? Maybe it was someone you had just met and you simply didn’t “click.” Or maybe you were taught by your family not to like certain people. One of the most famous family feuds in American history is the conflict between the Hatfields and McCoys.
  • William Berkheiser
    (March 2007)
    This sermon on faith, a brief reflection on Psalm 23, encourages us with this thought: Our lord himself has passed through the valley of the shadow of death for us. We need not fear any evil. Our salvation is not maintained by our fragile faith. But we are kept by the power of God. Our forgiveness is in His shed blood. In our crisis of faith, the long pause the deep breath, we must not lose heart for hope flies on the wings of the dawn.
  • Matthew Blake Judkins
    (January 2007)
    Matthew 15:21-28 Have you ever had someone that you didn’t get along with? Maybe it was someone you had just me, and you simply didn’t “click.” Or maybe you were taught by your family not to like certain people. One of the most famous family feuds in American history i
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