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3 Easter Questions You Must Answer
Come to Easter with these three essential questions (John 20:1-18).
Why Jesus Came
Taken from Colossians 1:1-14, this sermon seeks to outline the various reasons Jesus came to earth in the form of a infant.
Go Thy Way: Solomon’s Musings (Ecc. 9 and Song 1)
Our priorities and focus change as we mature and develop in our Christian faith.
On the Other Hand, I Am Filled with Power
In what spirit do you receive confessions from your Christian siblings? Do you ever judge them more or less harshly due to a different type of sin from what you've known personally? The playing field was leveled at the cross.
Judas: Our Sin Sells Out Our Savior
What has your sin cost the Savior, and do you go on grieving Him?
Sermon Outline: Remember the Look of Thanksgiving
How does Thanksgiving look to your and your family, congregation and community?
What the Humble Seek
Are you humble in your pursuits? Do you strive after the things of this world? Or do you seek God, His will, the cross and Christ's good pleasure?
Sunday Surprise
While many of us know God raised Jesus from the dead, we do not live in this reality. What does His resurrection mean to you, and how does it impact the way you live your life?
Knowing What’s True: The Person of Christ
Absolute truth can be known with absolute assurance, but only in the Person of Jesus the Christ.
Church: Where God Sets the Lonely in a Family
Families are imperfect organisms, given that they are comprised of imperfect human beings; so it goes with church families.
How God Says I Love You
God loves you is a fact, but what exactly does it mean that He loves you? Does it mean He would do anything for you to make you happy? Does it mean a qualitative state or quantitative? The fact that He loves means He gave, He sacrificed...for you.
Transformation from the Inside Out
In this exclusive for Preaching magazine, the author offers an object lesson from culture about how Chrisitianity should demonstrate transformation.