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3 Easter Questions You Must Answer

Come to Easter with these three essential questions (John 20:1-18).
The True Identity of God

It's long been known that humans want a god they can control, thereby usurping God's identity.
On the Other Hand, I Am Filled with Power

In what spirit do you receive confessions from your Christian siblings? Do you ever judge them more or less harshly due to a different type of sin from what you've known personally? The playing field was leveled at the cross.
Judas: Our Sin Sells Out Our Savior

What has your sin cost the Savior, and do you go on grieving Him?
God of the Broken: Depressed (Elijah)

1 Kings 18-19: Dealing with Depression by looking at one of the prophets and God's care for him in a time of darkness.
Can We Really Be Optimistic This Year? A New Year's Message

When everything seems to be falling apart, where there's no security, when threats prevail, you can be sure God is an awesome God in whom we can be optimistic.
Church: Where God Sets the Lonely in a Family

Families are imperfect organisms, given that they are comprised of imperfect human beings; so it goes with church families.
When Tragedy Blurs: Boston Bombs, Explosion in Texas and Terrorist Brothers at MIT

Is there redemption in suffering and what such pain can teach us in the midst of our hurt?
The Power to Pastor

From what source do you draw your energy to minister, and how does that spiritual sustenance provide life for others who are under your care?

Calling All Gods

Based on Joshua 24:14-18 and taken from his book Gods at War, Kyle Idleman talks about how our dreams might not be realized the way we thought or mean what we thought they would if they are realized. The result depends on whether we're worshipping the dream or the Given of the dream.
God Is an Expert on Man!

As the Maker of all humans past, present and future, God alone is the One who is aware of our needs and able to answer all our problems with Himself.
How Does Forgiveness Work?

Forgiveness is a mystery all unto itself, but it does work miracles when extended to the recipient, as well as to the person who forgives.