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Today Is the Day of Salvation

Taken from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, this sermon seeks to persuade listeners not to waste a single moment more waiting to follow Christ.
The True Identity of God

It's long been known that humans want a god they can control, thereby usurping God's identity.
Another Sinner’s Prayer

Sermon: Walking With God; Spiritual Growth; Exodus 33:12
What the Humble Seek

Are you humble in your pursuits? Do you strive after the things of this world? Or do you seek God, His will, the cross and Christ's good pleasure?
Sunday Surprise

While many of us know God raised Jesus from the dead, we do not live in this reality. What does His resurrection mean to you, and how does it impact the way you live your life?
Paul at Athens: Opportunities, Obstacles and Outcomes

Based on a sermon preached at Pine Creek Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Missouri. This is not an exact transcription.
The First Easter Morning: They Returned, Remembered and Reported

Based on a sermon preached at Pilot Knob Baptist Church, Belle, Mo., in April 2007.
Lose and Be Blessed

God uses the foolishness of this world to achieve the most reasonable ends for His children, which is why losing may not make much sense to us and still be the best thing God could intend to have happen to us.
Remember the Magnitude of the Gift that Was Given

The best Christmas gift we can give one another is the gift of Jesus this year and every year to come.

The Glory of the Rainbow

Exclusive to What do you see in the sign of the rainbow?
Children’s Sermon: New Thing

This is a great sermon and illustration to use with children so they are able to see how God is the same, but interacts with people differently in order to achieve the results He desires in their lives.
When God Comes Down

When God Comes Down