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Our Adversary, the Devil
We are sinners whose only hope is against our accuser is our Great Advocate Jesus Christ.
The True Identity of God
It's long been known that humans want a god they can control, thereby usurping God's identity.
A Day in the Life of the Lord
Does Jesus permeate each and every aspect of your life?
On the Other Hand, I Am Filled with Power
In what spirit do you receive confessions from your Christian siblings? Do you ever judge them more or less harshly due to a different type of sin from what you've known personally? The playing field was leveled at the cross.
Judas: Our Sin Sells Out Our Savior
What has your sin cost the Savior, and do you go on grieving Him?
Sunday Surprise
While many of us know God raised Jesus from the dead, we do not live in this reality. What does His resurrection mean to you, and how does it impact the way you live your life?
Peter Sifted as Wheat that He Might Strengthen Others
Without a doubt we will have struggles and suffer temptations in this world, and we'll frequently fall prey to Satan's attacks. However, Jesus has prayed and is praying for us, that though we be sifted as wheat as was Peter, God would use that sifting to strengthen our resolve.
Church: Where God Sets the Lonely in a Family
Families are imperfect organisms, given that they are comprised of imperfect human beings; so it goes with church families.
How God Says I Love You
God loves you is a fact, but what exactly does it mean that He loves you? Does it mean He would do anything for you to make you happy? Does it mean a qualitative state or quantitative? The fact that He loves means He gave, He sacrificed...for you.
Facing Life’s Two Greatest Fears
Have you ever considered what you fear most? Most would say public speaking, but perhaps in broader terms, it's the matters of life and death themselves.
Sermon: The Good News of the Incarnation
The work of salvation already has been completed on the cross where Jesus died. To be saved and enter eternal life, all one has to do is receive the gift that was given on the very first Christmas.
The God Who Stoops
Grace is humble and forgiving; but above all, it gives us our lives back from a liar and thief who intends to destroy us.