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Sermons on 1 Corinthians

Below you’ll find a library of sermons using 1 Corinthians as a primary text. Other Bible texts in addition to 1 Corinthians may be used in each sermon as well. All of the sermons on represent some of the best preaching in the world today. We pray you’ll find these to be a helpful resource in your own preaching and teaching.
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  • Jonathan Spurlock
    (November 2013)
    Have you discovered your life's purpose? In a general sense, we know our mission is to know God and enjoy Him forever, but we have a specific ministry to which we are called while on this earth. What are you doing with your call?
  • John A. Huffman Jr.
    (April 2013)
    Have you ever considered what you fear most? Most would say public speaking, but perhaps in broader terms, it's the matters of life and death themselves.
  • John Ed Mathison
    (February 2013)
    1 Corinthians 2:1-5 leads us to the knowledge that simplicity is better for making clear our communication and reaching the hearts in the pews.
  • Mike Milton
    (April 2012)
  • Dennis Phelps
    (February 2012)
  • Ralph Douglas West
    (September 2011)
    Hanging inside the Manchester City Art Gallery is the painting by Holman Hunt titled The Shadow of Death. The painting depicts the inside of the carpenter's shop in Nazareth. Stripped to the waist, Jesus stands by a wooden trestle on which He has put down His saw. He lifts His eyes toward heaven, and the look on His face is one of pain, ecstasy or both. He stretches, raising both arms above His head. As He does so, the evening sunlight streaming through the open door casts a dark shadow in the form...
  • Michael Duduit
    (April 2011)
    Most of us are in a search for wisdom, for understanding. We want to know -- we have a hunger for knowledge. We read, we explore, because we want to know; and we admire those who have achieved a certain level of knowledge and wisdom; we celebrate those who are wise.
  • Steve Gaines
    (December 2010)
    Is religion relevant? Many people apparently do not think so. They don’t believe religion is necessary because they are convinced that all anyone really needs in life can be obtained through science and technology. For them, any attention given to spiritual matters is a waste of time.
  • Michael A. Milton
    (June 2010)
    This sermon on faith, which takes a look at the lesser-known names in the Hebrews 11 "Honor Roll" of faith, aims to move, strengthen, and encourage us through stories of faithful people who were just like us.
  • Jonathan A. Partlow
    (January 2009)
    The world has rejected the very source for our own wisdom because such wisdom seems foolish to common sense.
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