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You’re Not a Dog, So Break the Chains

Have you ever watched a dog that is chained? Have you ever noticed how hard he tries to go a little farther, but the chain always stops him at the same place, never letting him go farther and experience more? I notice this when people take their dogs on a walk. They leash them and sometimes use chains to keep the dog from going anywhere other than where the owner wants the dog to go. The dog really has no freedom outside a 3-foot radius.

Unfortunately, in the church of the 21st century, many people are chained and remain in the same place. Rather than moving forward into what God wants to do in their lives, they remain in the same place where things are familiar, even if it is uncomfortable. It is as if they are on leashes that prevent them from experiencing more than what the dictator of their lives want them to experience.

Today, we will look at a few people whose chains were broken, and we hope chains will be broken in this place today.

Let's just say you had to go to prison for some time. Four years were spent behind bars for various crimes you committed. Now, imagine the day you were released. What would you do? Where would you go? What feeling do you think you would have once you walked outside the prison and into the world again? We need to understand that feeling because Christ has set us free from the bondage we have been in all of our lives. He broke every chain this world has used to bind us; and after we inspect His Word today, we pray we all will feel the amazing joy of having freedom again.

So what are the chains people are struggling with today? There are so many; but as we see in the New Testament, those chains already have been broken. Today, we want you to find the freedom Christ is offering you, the very freedom He died to give to you. Now, we have to step out in faith and believe God has more for our lives than what we are experiencing. Before we look at the specific chains, let's see what the Scripture says to us about being free.

You Are Set Free (Galatians 4Galatians 5:1)
We are heirs and not slaves anymore. Rather than embracing the freedom we find in Christ Jesus, we often allow ourselves to remain chained to the past and the things of this world. As we see in Scripture, we do not need to do that! We do not have to live that way. Look at verse 5:1 again. Paul said we should not be subject to a yoke of slavery again! The chains are broken! We have been set free through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. We are now a part of His family and are now heirs rather than slaves.

Reference Romans 6:1-18
In Romans 6:18, Paul implored the Romans to be slaves to righteousness rather than sin. When we enslave ourselves to righteousness, we find sin no longer exists in our lives unnoticed. Rather, sin disgusts us because we are longing for righteousness. Paul again pointed out in this passage that we are set free from sin, that it does not have to hold us in bondage anymore.

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