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Prayer: The Power of Prayer

By Gary L. Carver

 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Prayer to the believer is the most powerful force on earth. Ian MacPherson tells the following true story:

"The person concerned is a scientist, a man who had been almost a devout atheist. Doing research work in a pathological laboratory, along with the other doctors, he attempted to find the wavelength of the human brain. They discovered a whole channel of wavelengths -- and each channel had so much room that the different wavelength of each individual's brain is further separated in identity than the fingerprints on each individual's hands.

"This scientist wanted to experiment, to discover what took place in the human brain at the moment of transition from life to death. A lady was selected who had a disease of the brain. This disease affected the balance of the body only. In every other way she was exceptionally brilliant. But her family did not want the trouble of caring for her, and being on the point of death she was accepted as a patient in this research hospital.

"The necessary wires were connected to her room, to ascertain what would take place; also a small microphone, about the size of a penny, was installed, in case she had anything to say. Five scientists were grouped in an adjoining room -- five tough, hardened men, from a religious point of view. One of the instruments they watched had a needle pointing to "0" in the center. To the right the scale registered five hundred points positive; to the left, five hundred points negative. Previously this same instrument had registered the power used by a fifty kilowatt broadcasting station in sending a message around the world. The needle had registered nine points positive.

"As the last moments of this woman's earthly life arrived, she began to pray aloud and praise God. She asked Him to be merciful to those who had spitefully used her. Then she told God how much she loved Him, and was looking forward to seeing Him face to face.

"The scientists had been so engrossed in this prayer -- an unexpected situation -- that they had forgotten their experiment. They looked at each other, tears streaming down their faces. The particular scientist we are thinking about said afterwards: 'I had not shed tears since I was a child.'

"Suddenly, they heard a clicking sound, and turning to their instruments found that this particular instrument was registering a positive five hundred, and desperately trying to go higher! By actual instrumentation these scientists had recorded that the brain of a woman, alone and dying, in communication with God, had registered more than fifty-five times the power used by a fifty kilowatt station in sending a message around the world! If ever we needed proof of the power of prayer, surely this is it!"1

The power of prayer! Jesus says that this power can be ours. "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you" (John 15:7). If we "abide" -- take up continual residence in Christ - an unlimited channel of spiritual blessings becomes ours!

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