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Jesus Christ: Seeing the Light

By William Richard Ezell
The Reason for the Light

Jesus states that reason: "So that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness" (John 12:46). If light represents God, the source of spiritual life, then darkness represents everything God is not. It represents falsehood, evil, death, and hell.

The fact remains that light and darkness cannot coexist. Robert Louis Stevenson looked out his window one evening many years ago. Those were the days before electric lights. Stevenson saw the town lamplighter coming along. As this lamplighter lit the street lamps in succession, Stevenson was impressed at the sight. He wrote about the lamplighter who went along "punching holes in the darkness."

Jesus came into this world, that first Christmas morning, to punch holes in our spiritual darkness. Without Christ we are like a ship lost on the open sea in a dense fog, groping for the eternal shore, waiting with beating heart for someone to dispel the darkness with the light of salvation. That is what Christ has done -- He has punched a hole in the darkness of our sin, our doomed existence, so that we can see God and be rescued from our ill-fated destiny.

The Retrospection concerning the Light

Do you get the picture? Without Christ we live in a spiritually dark, cold, and impersonal world, but Christ came to dispel the darkness so that spiritually we could live in the light of his life and love. That leads us to a few questions we will want to reminisce.

First, how do you know when you are in the light? The key word in John 12:46 is believe. To believe means to acknowledge the light of Jesus, turn toward it, and begin walking in its glow. To know you are in the light is to pinpoint a time when the light dawned on you and you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart as the light of your life.

Second, if you are living in the darkness, what will it take for you to see the light? For some it is a crisis -- a gut wrenching disaster in their lives. This is what happened to Saul who later became Paul. He was blinded by a light. In that physically blind state he came to see the spiritual light of Jesus.

What kind of crisis will it take for you? Do you need to have the rug of your security pulled from under you? A physical ailment? A loss of a loved one? God doesn't send calamity and misfortune into people's lives just for His pleasure. Many of the calamities and crises come upon us because we choose to walk in the darkness rather than the light. Yet in the midst of those crises God can get our attention. If you are going through a difficulty now, perhaps the light of God's love is trying to break through.

For others it is confusion. This confusion is like the dawn. Where a war of sorts is being waged -- a war between the night and day, darkness and light. Sometimes the confusion is concerning direction and guidance. Where do I go? What do I do? A light is needed. Sometimes this confusion is depression. We ask ourselves, why is it that I have everything I could possibly need or desire in my external world, yet internally I'm not at peace. A light is needed. Sometimes this confusion is over meaning. People will say: surely there has to be more to life than this. They struggle to know their place in life. A light is needed. Don't think of your crisis and confusion as an enemy, but as a friend gently tugging you toward the light.

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