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Peace Without a Pill
Studies prove that many Americans admit they do not enjoy peace in their lives. Experts tell us every day in our nation, we swallow 9 tons of sleeping pills and another 15 tons of aspirin. Then we can add to that another hefty amount of more powerful medication — tranquilizers. Although our land has only 4 percent of the world's population, we consume 96 percent of the world's tranquilizers.

Still another 31,482 Americans last year decided they had all they could handle. They were convinced no one and nothing could help them, so they took their own life. Yes, there's a lack of peace in our lives.

Yet people continue to search for peace. Last week I got on the internet and typed in the words "personal peace." I was curious how many sites give information on that topic. Do you know how many there were? More than 300,000! Yes, people are on a mad search for peace.

Is it possible to enjoy real, lasting peace? If so, where can it be found? I believe Isaiah 26:3 is God's answer to how to enjoy peace without a pill. Read the words of this Bible verse slowly and carefully: "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is staved on You, because he trusts in You."

Those words are some of the most profound in all of literature. They are so simple, yet so true. They are so old (about 2,700 years old), yet millions of people have experienced the reality of those words. Let's think together about three things.

First, let's think about the Keeper. The first three words of that verse are "You will keep." That refers to no one else but God Almighty. He is the Keeper. Go a little further with me and explore two things about the Lord, who is our Keeper.

One thing I know is He is a personal Keeper. The Bible verse says, "Thou, You." We call those personal pronouns. That tells us that God is a personal God and a personal Keeper.

All of us have known people who have had a personal nurse, a personal accountant, a personal secretary, a personal trainer, or a personal bodyguard. When you believe in Jesus as Savior, you have a personal peace keeper.

I was waiting in an office, and while waiting I was reading a national magazine. The article was about how to release stress and gain peace. Do you know what the author's advice was? Talk to your pet! The writer had the right concept — talk to someone — but better than your cat or dog, talk to your Lord. He's your personal peacekeeper.

Another thing I know about God is He is a powerful Keeper. The word "keep" in the original language of the Bible means "to guard." It's a military word and is used to describe a group of soldiers guarding a city. That's what God Almighty does. He guards your peace.

We hear on the news of the United Nations sending in a peacekeeping force. That's what God does for His people. He personally and powerfully comes to you and enables you to experience peace without a pill.

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