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Embrace Your Season

By Michelle McKinney Hammond | Author

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Proverbs 31:10 KJV

Often quoted but not commonly seen, the search is on for the virtuous woman.

Chokmah is the Hebrew word used to describe a woman of excellence, one who has mastered the art of skillful living. Skillful living hints at perfecting the delicate balance of the components of life so that each is performed well.

No “jack of all trades and master of none” stuff going on here. Each area of life has been approached from a place of discipline and thoughtful consideration to the timing, logistics, and even the consequences of each choice. Faith has been supplemented with virtue because of the knowledge acquired to impart self-control, which ultimately leads to godliness with great gain, which in turn releases you to walk in unconditional love toward all you encounter.

But more than that, the art of skillful living has to do with having an understanding of the seasons of your life and the purpose for each season. This was the essential key to the excellence spoken of by Bathsheba, the wife of King David of Israel, to encourage her son Solomon in what to look for when seeking a wife. Whether you are married or single, you must be cognizant of the fact that timing is everything, although it’s aligned equally with attitude. Our attitudes shape our words, which shape our actions. Those actions become habits that form our character. Our character determines our destiny—a destiny that can be filled with blessings or curses based on our choices.

At the end of the day our Proverbs 31 lady was blessed by her husband and her children, and probably by her co-laborers and her community. She created a legacy that was far-reaching by aligning herself according to God’s design and allowing His plan to unfold beautifully in the fabric of her life. The end result was an amazing tapestry that must have made God smile, which released favor and blessing into her life emotionally, materially, and spiritually.

Getting our priorities in order and choosing to focus on what is relevant for the hour and season we are in is crucial to having a systematic plan that works for our lives. God is a God of order. It is in that order that excellence is found. He created the seasons to reflect the cycle of our own lives. Truly there is a time for planting, a time of harvest, a time for eating the fruits of our labor, and a time for dying to give way to new and sweeter fruit. This cycle is present in every area of our lives—emotionally, relationally, financially, professionally, even spiritually. As we embrace our seasons, understanding their purpose and looking forward to the blessings on the other side of them, we are able to weather the transitions gracefully and reap a bountiful harvest from each one.

So what does that mean for you right where you are today? Well, if you are single, rejoice and take full advantage of all that is solely yours. Take advantage of the time, space, and resources you have to explore and enjoy every aspect of life. Be aware that seasons do pass, so plant well while you have everything at your disposal to do so.

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