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The Lordship of Jesus Christ

By Roger D. Willmore

For some time she struggled. Then he returned. Looking over her shoulder, he saw a tear-stained page. The words 'not so' were crossed out. With a glad light in her eyes, she repeated affirmatively, "Lord!" "Lord!" "Lord!" No longer would she dictate. She was now His disciple, and He was her Lord and Master. 4

What a powerful story! Is your obedience up to date?

Finally, the lordship of Jesus Christ involves willing service. There must be a time in your life when you, like the prophet Isaiah, are willing to say, "Here am I Lord, send me."

A number of years ago my wife enjoyed attending an annual Bible conference in Asheville, North Carolina, sponsored then by Columbia Bible College. It was there that I was introduced to the three A's of Christian service: Anywhere, Anytime, and Any cost. The lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives involves our willingness to go where He sends us, when He sends us, regardless of the cost. Is Jesus the Lord of this area in your life? Can you honestly say, "Anywhere, Lord! Anytime, Lord! Any cost, Lord!"?

The Christian life is a wonderful life. Christ has made every provision for His children to live full and abundant lives, but there is a cost involved. Such a life does not come cheaply or easily. The life Christ has for His children requires that we die moment by moment, to Jesus. There can be no rivals to the throne of our life. It is to be occupied by Jesus alone.

I am forever spoiled. Soon after I became a Christian and at the time that I was dealing with God's call upon my life, I was introduced to Stephen F. Olford. The lordship of Jesus Christ is the theme of his life and ministry. How Dr. Olford came to know Jesus Christ as absolute Lord of his life is a thrilling testimony. The following portions of Dr. Olford's testimony are taken from My Most Memorable Encounter with God:

"My restoration from a period of backsliding was a memorable crisis. In fact, this return to the Lord consummated in my call to the ministry. At this time I was back in England, studying to be an engineer, but God made it abundantly clear that His plan for my life was to serve Him as a preacher — anywhere, at anytime, and at any cost."

Following his theological training, Dr. Olford spent seven years as a Scripture reader (chaplain) during World War II. Then came a time when he became increasingly aware of a deep inner dissatisfaction. Something was missing. His soul hungered and thirsted for the presence of God and the power of His Spirit. Dr. Olford continues:

This led to action. Clearing my calendar for a period of two weeks, I decided to retreat to some quiet place to read and wait upon the Lord. I made arrangements to stay at a little cottage in Porthcawl, on the south coast of Wales. I took with me two suitcases of books, including works of Calvin and Owen on the Holy Spirit . . . I also scheduled a study on such portions of Scripture as John 14John 15John 16, the Acts 1, Romans 8, 1 Corinthians 1 2 Corinthians 1, Galatians 1 and Ephesians 1. Morning, noon and night I read, meditated and prayed. Gradually confusions were clarified and convictions were crystallized . . .

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