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The Man Whose Death Nobody Regretted

Are you living such that your friends and family will miss you once you pass from this life?

New Hope in Christ: An Easter Sermon

What hope do we have other than Jesus Christ and Him crucified?

Call the Midwife: Pain, Providence and Promise in Exodus 1-2

A Sermon Preached Before the Congregation of Church of the Redeemer PCA, Monroe, N.C., The Second Sunday in Lent 2016 (Ex. 1; 2:1-10)

The Tragic Side of a Triumphant Event

Are you prepared to give the Lord praise this Palm Sunday?

He Made a Believer out of Me

In attempting to disprove the Christian faith, it's logical to become a believer instead.

Hope Raises Dead People

The same power that raised Jesus from the tomb is the power that fuels our hope of resurrection, as well.

Unknown Heroes of the Faith

A true hero acts out of courage, not seeking accolades and acclaim.

The Banquet and the Battle

How quickly do we turn from banquets to battles?

Acquaint Yourself with the Lord

How would you describe your personal relationship with the Lord God?

Being Encouraged in Christ

Taken from Acts 13:13-16; 26-33, this message digs deep into godly encouragement.

Unpack Your Bags

It's one thing to come into a house, but it's another to come into a home, into a family.

Embrace the Plan

Initially presented during chapel at Dallas Theological Seminary, this sermon encourages listeners to embrace what God has in store for our lives.