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Go Thy Way: A Mother’s Desperate Faith

Jesus hears and responds to our requests.
Our Adversary, the Devil

We are sinners whose only hope is against our accuser is our Great Advocate Jesus Christ.
Which Cross for You?

Based on John 14:10-14, 25-31, this sermons explores the impact of Christ's finished work on the cross.
3 Easter Questions You Must Answer

Come to Easter with these three essential questions (John 20:1-18).
Go Thy Way: The Centurion’s Faith

When have you seen a tiny measure of faith do great things?
Today Is the Day of Salvation

Taken from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, this sermon seeks to persuade listeners not to waste a single moment more waiting to follow Christ.
Why Jesus Came

Taken from Colossians 1:1-14, this sermon seeks to outline the various reasons Jesus came to earth in the form of a infant.
Go Thy Way: When Jesus Healed a Leper

Jesus possesses healing in His touch and commands.
Nawho? Why We Need to Preach from the Most Neglected Book of the Bible

Though Nahum is an ancient message, today's modern church needs to hear what this minor prophet had to say.
Stay True to the Lord

Faith is the confident obedience to God despite circumstances or consequences.
Simon Peter: From Fisherman to Follower

Once we see and recognize Jesus, everything changes.
Sermon: Unshackled!

Jesus came to make changes in people's lives. From what has He set you free and changed for the better in your life?