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The Banquet and the Battle

How quickly do we turn from banquets to battles?

Acquaint Yourself with the Lord

How would you describe your personal relationship with the Lord God?

Being Encouraged in Christ

Taken from Acts 13:13-16; 26-33, this message digs deep into godly encouragement.

Unpack Your Bags

It's one thing to come into a house, but it's another to come into a home, into a family.

Embrace the Plan

Initially presented during chapel at Dallas Theological Seminary, this sermon encourages listeners to embrace what God has in store for our lives.

A Birth that Inspires

What does the birth of Christ inspire in you this season?

Isaac and Rebekah: A True Love Story

Let the story of Isaac and Rebekah captivate your heart for your spouse.

Playing with Fire

Based on Luke 2:8-20,

When Heaven Came Down

Based on Luke 1:39-45, this sermon addresses how Jesus Christ condescended to live among His creation due to Mary's humble submission.

The Heart of Generosity

Taken from Mark 12:41-44, this sermons speaks to the heartfelt desire to be generous with our God-given resources.
Go Thy Way He Waited for a Convenient Season

Do you ever try to put Jesus on hold? Remember, He is gracious but will not wait forever.

Go Thy Way: When Jesus Healed a Nobleman’s Son

What role did a father's faith play in his son being healed by the Great Physician?