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Trusting In His Sovereign Grace
Psalm 91:1-7Mark 4:35-41

There is a Dell Computer advertisement out now that features a guy named “Clay” who has 12 fingers. Clay can out-work all of the other employees. His twelve fingers make him more productive, faster, and more efficient. The other employees try and try but they can never keep up with 12-fingered Clay.

Now Dell wants you to say, “I can do the work of a twelve fingered man if I just get that new Dell computer!” But a Biblical reflection on this might be, “God gave me two hands, 10 fingers, and 24 hours, and I need to rest once a week. That’s enough.”

But we don’t say that. We buy into the good old American way of “more, more, more, bigger, bigger, bigger, faster, faster, and faster.” We super size our lives. But like super sizing fast food too often, our spiritual arteries can be weakened by the stress of more and bigger and faster.

Kirk Byron Jones is a pastor. He was climbing the ecclesiastical ladder. More and more sermons, appearances, tasks, seemed to feed not only His vocational desire to serve God and man, but were beginning to actually make him feel good about himself. He confessed,

“I had always done many tasks simultaneously, simply because I could. Persons seemed to benefit from my work, and multitasking fed my joy, as well as my ambition and drive.” 1

But one day he was preaching, after an endless series of messages and preparation and fixing marriages and bringing reconciliation, and he turned to the assistant pastor in the midst of the sermon and said, “I can’t go on.” 2

Have you ever felt like saying that? Maybe there is a lawyer here today who just wants to turn to his partner in the midst of his trial, and say, “I can’t go on.” I wonder if there is a super mom here wanting to put her super cape down for just a while, and feeling like, “I just can’t go on.” Perhaps there is a young person and the pressures of peers, of society, and, sadly, maybe even a parent, are making you think, “I just can’t go on.”

I can tell you that I know of a tired preacher who needed to go to the Lord and take in the lessons for life seen in the Savior asleep in the back of the boat. I learned during my time away that I really needed to spend more time with Jesus in the back of the boat, because if you don’t slip away with the Sleeping Savior in the stern of the boat, you will become fearful in the storms of life.

So when you can’t go on, go in. Go into the hull of this boat, go to where Jesus is and take these four principles of resting in God’s sovereign grace for your own life as His child.

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