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Overcome Shame

·        Resist Satan. Recognize that you have a powerful enemy – Satan – who is determined to do everything possible to keep you enslaved to shame. Ask God to help you discern Satan’s strategies and realize what’s going on when he attacks you. Be alert and aggressive in resisting Satan, knowing that if you resist him, he will flee from you. Use the spiritual power that Jesus has given you to defend yourself against evil.

·        Renew your vows to Jesus. Know that God will meet you where you are when you decide to pursue Him with your whole heart. Admit your weaknesses and proclaim your complete dependence on God. Place all your hope in Jesus’ death on the cross for your sins. Thank Jesus that because of His sacrifice, you can enjoy God’s mercy and grace. Freely confess your sins, repent of them, and accept God’s forgiveness with gratitude that renews your passion for Jesus.

·        Rehearse your future. Don’t just wish you might someday enjoy a future free of shame; believe that you absolutely will, with God’s help. Ask God to give you a vision of what He wants your future to be like. Then move into that future with confidence and a vibrant faith. Incorporate prayer into your life every day instead of just on Sundays. Rather than praying on the run, pray until God’s done with whatever situation you’re going through. Embrace your true identity as God’s beloved child, and learn more about it by reading, meditating on, and studying the Bible daily. Don’t settle for reading just one verse a day; work your way up to reading at least one chapter of Scripture each day. Pack God’s wisdom into your mind so it will transform you into someone who grows in the obedience that leads to holiness. Use the Bible as a spiritual mirror to learn to see yourself as God sees you. Ask God to humble you and be honest about all of your sins and your ongoing need for Him. Apply biblical principles to your life in every situation. Don’t compromise the truth when you face temptation, such as to date a non-Christian or cheat on your taxes. Stake your future on God’s Word, trusting Him to lead you into a future that’s free of shame and full of promise.

·        Let God reposition you. Realize that, because of your relationship with Jesus, the old you has passed away and the new you has arrived. Understand that shame no longer has to hold you back; you’re free to move to the next level in your relationship with God. Answer God’s call to service and invite Him to use you to contribute to His work on Earth in powerful ways. Don’t allow other people to use your past against you; remember that your destiny has changed. Associate with people who support and encourage you as you walk in your newfound confidence. Ask God to constantly remind you of His vision for your life, and give your all to pursue it.

Adapted from After the Fall: Resurrecting Your Life from Shame, Disgrace, and Guilt, copyright 2007 by Donald Hilliard.  Published by Destiny Image Publishers, Inc., Shippensburg, Pa.,   

Dr. Donald Hilliard, Jr. is the senior pastor of The Cathedral International in Perth Amboy, Asbury Park, and Plainfield, New Jersey – one church in three locations. His ministry is distinguished by cutting-edge leadership, community development and a strong emphasis on family and fatherhood. Dr. Hilliard and his wife Phyllis have three lovely daughters: Leah, Charisma, and Destiny.

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