Illustration: Influence, the Power of...

Ministry leaders seldom know the full fruit of the seeds they've sown.

Illustration: Death...and Taxes

Be sure to live to the fullest before the death bell tolls for thee.
Illustration: God’s Love
Our heavenly Father really does care deeply for us.
Illustration: Christian Worldview, Generosity
Your worldview dictates your attitude toward generosity.
Illustration: Saints and Sinners
Though we are sinners by fallen nature, we are saints as seen by God through the blood of His Son.
Illustration: Commitment Demonstrated at the Tomb…and the Cross
The guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier demonstrate Christ's watch over us.
Illustration: Humility Demonstrated by Influencer
Leaders receive greater respect when they display reverence for their superiors.
Illustration: Simple Pleasures: Food and Friendship
There's almost always a way to find joy in simple blessings.
Illustration: Courage on Earth
Courage is required for life as we know it.
Illustration: Fatherhood, the Joy of…
Along with the responsibility of rearing young ones comes great joy, too.
Illustration: Motherhood, the Definition of…
Mother are more than women who've borne young of their own.
Illustration: Preaching Worthy of an Hallelujah
Preaching should hold substance rather than pass time.