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Sermon Illustrations

Below you'll find a library of free sermon illustrations
Considering all the good things God has bestowed upon us usually is a helpful way to be thankful for His mercy and grace.
Have you thought about how to maintain your congregants' interest in the gospel?
Pride creates rifts where none ought to be.
And then he said those four magic words...
Are you working for your salvation, or is God's salvation being worked out in your life?
Life is full of inconveniences, but also help from others who've seen our plights and lessons for moving forward into the future.
By Jonathan Spurlock
What if a perceived setback actually was propelling us forward into the ministry God intended for us all along?
Exactly how important is church to you? Is it important enough to invite your friends?
When we aren't familiar with the language being spoken, we fail to get the results we desire.
God's Word was intended to be accessible, which is why it's supposed to reside in our hearts.
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