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Sermon Illustrations

Below you'll find a library of free sermon illustrations
What if a perceived setback actually was propelling us forward into the ministry God intended for us all along?
Exactly how important is church to you? Is it important enough to invite your friends?
When we aren't familiar with the language being spoken, we fail to get the results we desire.
God's Word was intended to be accessible, which is why it's supposed to reside in our hearts.
Traveling on the Sea of Galilee is a pricey endeavor for the frugal.
This woman had the right perspective on eternity.
God's blessings are available for everyone, but you have to claim them for yourself personally.
By Jonathan Spurlock
What is your attitude toward winning and losing?
By J. Michael Shannon
Statistics often tell us as many Christian marriages end in divorce as non-Christian. Practice biblical principles to keep the bow from coming out once you tie the knot.
By J. Michael Shannon
General revelation tells us there is a Creator God. He also is the Savior and Redeemer. You've been warned.
By J. Michael Shannon
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