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Sermon Illustrations

Below you'll find a library of free sermon illustrations
No amount of good works on our part can secure our eternal salvation. Only Christ's redemptive work on the cross can—and has—accomplished that for those who believe.
In Easter, we have assurance death has been put to death once and for all.
True peace is found only in God and Him alone.
Most of us don't need signs to know we're broke. Perhaps the indications should motivate us to strive harder.
Circumstances are deemed good or bad based largely on our attitudes toward them.
There's no other option than real forgiveness.
What's the different in a house and a home?
Some laws we simply cannot get around, and God's are inescapable. We might think we're skirting issues, but there will be consequences.
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s an old favorite:
How a bookseller helped win the war.
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