Death and Life

What can an economist tell us about eternal life?

Life Is Comprised of Decisions

How are your choices shaping the life you are living?

The Mercy and Forgiveness of God

What are the most important non-tangible elements of your life?

The Power of Evangelism

Have you considered the impact your words and actions have had on others' lives?

Commanded to Love One Another

What was the greatest commandment?

Grace to Forgive All Our Sins

How did God's boundless grace get through to this man?

Faith in a Sovereign God

Where do you turn when life delivers unbearable blows?

Pessimism vs. Optimism

How does your outlook shape perspective?

Punishment and the Appeal to Grace

What customs do you hold for dealing with your sin?

The Price of Redemption

Do you know the cost paid for your eternal freedom?

Hope that Sustains Us

Do you keep your hope boxed, or have you unpacked the gifts of hope?

Tradition and Why We Do What We Do

Tradition holds power over us at times, often due to the symbolism behind the action and what it conveys to our psyches.