Illustration: Driving & Prayer

Soon after 16-year-old Barry received his learner's permit, he offered to drive his mom to church...

Illustration: Pornography

America’s leading news sources seem to finally recognize that pornography is an unprecedented public health crisis.


The real cost of anger

We don’t always know what we really need

We don’t always know what we really need

Misunderstandings and Mistaken Assumptions

Do you ever say things you really didn't intend to convey with your word choice?

Christ Changes Lives

What is the evidence of Christ producing lasting fruit in your life?

Memories and Change

Passing the mantle sometimes is a matter of perspective...and priorities.

Work that Matters

What is the care of fellow human's life worth to you?

Humanity, Image of God

What is the primary distinction between us as humans and the rest of God's creation?

Knowledge Makes a Difference

What bit of new information has changed your thoughts toward previous enjoyments?

Easter Resurrection Quiz

Do we Christians get our most important holy days confused with minor holidays?

On the River of Death; Easter

Have you seen that Christ has gone before you, that there's no reason to fear?