Chosen for Service

You were chosen to serve on God's team, but have you put on your team jersey?

What Matters to You

Where does your focus lie, and how is that impacting your effectiveness today?

Rest for Renewed Energy

God has a specific purpose for making us lie down in green pastures: Restoring our souls is the same as recharging...

Preparation and the Prodigal

This 5-year-old is preparing early.

God’s Sufficiency Is More than Enough

The grace of God has us covered.

God’s Will Works Against the Odds

God is the God of what's impossible, not just the improbable.

God Is in Control

There is nothing in existence that's outside of God's ultimate control and authority.

Death and Life

What can an economist tell us about eternal life?

Life Is Comprised of Decisions

How are your choices shaping the life you are living?

The Power of Evangelism

Have you considered the impact your words and actions have had on others' lives?

Tradition and Why We Do What We Do

Tradition holds power over us at times, often due to the symbolism behind the action and what it conveys to our psyches.

There's Good News and Bad News

On the upside, most situations could have resulted in worse outcomes...