Illustration: Christlikeness, Example
You are made in the image of God, but are you reflecting Him in your daily life?
Illustration: Suspicion; Being Careful
An innate suspicion inevitably leads to caution.
Illustration: Witness, Social Media
We can use social media to promote the power of the Holy Spirit.

And Finally: D.C Considers Putting on the Dog

The District of Columbia is considering canine cleanup for goose problem.
Illustration: Easter, a New Identity
Christ died that we might be given new life, a new identity in Him.
Illustration: God's Grace in Second Chances
God demonstrates mercy and grace to us daily by giving us new opportunities.
Illustration: Resurrection—It Changes Everything
The resurrection indeed happened, thereby changing the fate of all who believe.
Illustration: Cross, the Light of Christ
No matter how far away you try to push the cross, the truth of Christ remains.
Illustration: Cross—Salvation Settled Once and for All
There is no need to reenact the crucifixion.
Illustration: Resurrection—A Perfect Act
Christ's sacrifice was perfection.
Illustration: Resurrection—Sronger than Death
Death is final, but Christ's resurrection is eternal.
Illustration: Service—Reflecting God's Heart
Service and humbleness coexist.