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Sermon Illustrations

Below you'll find a library of free sermon illustrations
This Christmas, give the present of your presence fully to your family and loved ones.
By Jimmy Gentry
From what are you building the work you do or performance you give? Will it stand the test of fire?
By Jonathan Spurlock
In An Angel's Story, Max Lucado describes an imaginary conversation between God and Lucifer just before Jesus is born in Bethlehem: "The King walked over and reached for the book. He turned it toward Lucifer and commanded,...
This Thanksgiving, remember to give thanks for the fun, food and fellowship.
Our hope is in the new world, not this present one.
It has been said the attitude of the saved is one of gratitude.
By Mike Shannon
Someone shared with me this little bit of Thanksgiving doggerel:
By Mike Shannon
Are you grateful to God for only one or two things or for all that He has done, is doing and will do?
By Mike Shannon
Imagine a world in which the church acted together to accomplish good.
By Mike Shannon
God's creatures are uniquely designed and express behaviors that we find intriguing.
By Mike Shannon
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