Forgiveness and Burying the Insult

The animal kingdom has lessons for us, including the power of forgiveness.

Illustration: Learning; Unintended Response

Perhaps he should rethink his instruction methods.

Roles Played at Weddings

Here's a simple truth about the roles we play at nuptial ceremonies.

Vision, Seeing Wonderful Things

From what perspective does your vision stem?

True Identity

Jesus already knows and loves you as you are, so why not be authentic with others?

Happiness Is Not Found in Toys

This grandpa was doubling his delight when buying toys for his grandson and himself.

Wishes and Hope

Is hope fueling your dreams?
Illustration Anxiety
Anxiety is normal, but too much is unhealthy.
Illustration: Change
Change is inevitable, so learn to adjust your sails.
Illustration: Courage
Though she battled cancer, her courage has inspired a legacy.
Illustration: Cross
The cross was worth everything to this man.

Spiritual Maturity

Christian maturity is a process that takes place in the course of time.