A Brief History of Thanksgiving

Though a relatively new holiday, Thanksgiving is of utmost importance.

Thanksgiving for the Right Things

Do you take them for granted or appreciate the little people in your life?

Thankfulness in Perspective

In spite of life's inconveniences, for what are you grateful?

Everyone’s a Critic

What were you expecting?

Children, Going Home

Children frequently want to run away, but usually because they have the security of knowing they can come home again.
Anxiety, Patience
An ancient Chinese parable tells of Old Tan Chang who had a small farm overshadowed by a towering mountain.

Changing Places

Illustration: Changing Places

Christmas Stopping List

Yes, you read that correctly. There are some practices we should halt.

Christmas Wonder in a Song

What might have been a missed opportunity became a beloved Christmas song known to many.

New Start in Life

This is why we never should give up on people.

Virtue Not a Tough Sell After All

All this time, we thought sensationalism was the best seller.

Second Coming and Honoring Christ

While it may be noble to honor Christ with material things, that's often a misguided effort.