Past Masters

Past Masters: John Calvin--Preacher of the Gospel

One of the best-known Reformers was far more passionate about evangelism than he's often presented to be.
Past Masters: Gardner C. Taylor--Poet Laureate of the Pulpit
Dr. Taylor was named one of America's seven greatest Protestant preachers...

Past Masters: Charles Silvester Horne: The Romance of Preaching

Horne asked listeners, fellow preachers, to preach faithfully until the times of their deaths.

Past Masters: Gregory of Nazianzus, Lover of God, Lover of Words

The church honors Gregory of Nazianzus as a brilliant theologian, poet and preacher.

The Life and Ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson

Aimee Semple McPherson was a female pioneer of the Christian faith in a day and age when it was not so common for women to be so bold and outspoken.

Past Masters: Vance Havner: An Unbeaten Path

Sickly and frail, Vance Havner lived into his 80s, preaching frequently and praying long hours for lost souls to be found and enter the kingdom of God.

Past Masters: Gilbert Tennent

Past Masters: Gilbert Tennent

E.K. Bailey: Expositor of the Word

With determination and grit, E.K. Bailey became a great man of God following the hardship of his father's death.

John Jasper: Preaching with Authority

Black minister's fame due largely to faith and literal interpretation of God's Word.

Russell H. Conwell: Master of Lecture and Sermon

Russell H. Conwell is best known for a motivational speech called “Acres of Diamonds,” delivered it about 6,000 times in more than six decades on the lecture circuit; but when he became a Christian, he grew to become also a notable pastor and preacher while continuing a full schedule of lecturing. A contemporary of Spurgeon, Moody and Phillips Brooks, he was unlike any of them except in his...

Past Masters: Mordecai Ham: The Southern Revivalist

There had been a persistent rumor around town about a particular house located across the road from one of the local high schools and how it had become a den of iniquity. A preacher had been making a big deal about it and the fact that sexual immorality was rampant in the area, particularly among young people. One version of the tale had it that some of the high school students were planning some...

E. Stanley Jones: Exegete of Culture, Evangelist for Christ

In 1938, Time magazine honored E. Stanley Jones with the distinction of “world’s greatest missionary evangelist.” Time’s laudatory expression was not an isolated one. Christians and non-Christians celebrated the multi-faceted contributions of this visionary man. For instance, his missionary work in India coupled with his outspoken efforts for Indian self-determination in the early decades of the...