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Past Masters

Below you'll find profiles of great preachers of the past
Horne asked listeners, fellow preachers, to preach faithfully until the times of their deaths.
By Phillip Dunn
The church honors Gregory of Nazianzus as a brilliant theologian, poet and preacher.
By Michael Brian Thompson
Aimee Semple McPherson was a female pioneer of the Christian faith in a day and age when it was not so common for women to be so bold and outspoken.
By Julie Guirgis
Sickly and frail, Vance Havner lived into his 80s, preaching frequently and praying long hours for lost souls to be found and enter the kingdom of God.
By Tim Wilkins
Every pastor has prayed, "Lord, send a revival!" Gilbert Tennent (1703—1764) was one of the first pastors on American soil to have this prayer answered.Little did he know that revival fire ignited by the Holy Spirit...
By C. Stewart Holloway
With determination and grit, E.K. Bailey became a great man of God following the hardship of his father's death.
By Wayne E. Croft Sr.
Black minister's fame due largely to faith and literal interpretation of God's Word.
By Wayne E. Croft Sr.
Russell H. Conwell is best known for a motivational speech called “Acres of Diamonds,” delivered it about 6,000 times in more than six decades on the lecture circuit; but when he became a Christian, he grew to become also...
By Austin B. Tucker
There had been a persistent rumor around town about a particular house located across the road from one of the local high schools and how it had become a den of iniquity. A preacher had been making a big deal about it and...
By David R. Stokes
In 1938, Time magazine honored E. Stanley Jones with the distinction of “world’s greatest missionary evangelist.” Time’s laudatory expression was not an isolated one. Christians and non-Christians celebrated the multi-faceted...
By Michael Brian Thompson
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